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Beverage Digest is the authoritative publication covering the non-alcoholic beverages industry. Duane Stanford is Editor. The newsletter was founded in 1982 and publishes 22 regular issues a year plus special issues when warranted. The newsletter does not accept advertising.

To review the many topics and new stories we've covered in the past and so far this year, please see our Archives section, and Headlines from our latest issue.

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Twice a year, Beverage Digest hosts industry conferences. These gatherings feature presentations by the industry's top executives as well as "state of the industry" updates by Beverage Digest. Attendees include bottlers, franchise firm executives, Wall Street analysts and suppliers.



We publish the Beverage Digest Fact Book, an annual statistical reference. This book is a complete portrait of the global non-alcoholic beverage business. Click here for details.



We also publish two books detailing the major U.S. soft drink bottling system: The Coke System, and The Pepsi System. These books contain detailed maps of the U.S. bottler territories, competitive dynamics of the major bottlers plus a CD-ROM and printed list of all the bottler contact information and bottling (production) plant locations. Click here for details.



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