Beverage Digest | May 25, 2001  

Snapple Readies New Energy Drink: 'Venom.'
Won't Use 'Snapple' Name.

Snapple nears rollout of new energy drink under name, "Venom."  Snapple said to refer to Venom as "an energy supplement."  Will be in market by end of June, starting on West Coast. "Snapple" name will not be on packaging.  Instead, company will use "Elements" to brand new energy drink (BD 5/11/01); packaging will indicate Venom produced by "Elements Beverage Company."  In past, "Elements" has been named used inside company for Snapple's herbally enhanced premium non-carb line in 20-oz glass with flavors such as "Fire" and "Ice."  However, until now, "Elements" name was not on glass-packaged beverages. Snapple will now begin using "Elements" name on those products as well as on Venom energy drink.

Details. New product will be packed in 8-oz cans.  Packaging graphics/design will use silver cans with black/yellow/orange motif. "Venom" logo will be black surrounded by orange circle.  Venom described by industry executive as "hot-fill CSD."  Will contain taurine, yerba maté, vitamins and caffeine. Formulation will also utilize "cooling agent," so consumers "will feel it on the back of their throats right after they drink it."  Venom will compete with Red Bull, Coke's KMX, SoBe Adrenalin Rush and Anheuser-Busch's 180.  Perspective.  Multiple industry executives say energy drinks growing -- in words of one -- "like wildfire."  Notes Red Bull began heavy promotional effort late last year.

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