Beverage Digest | September 14, 2001  

New From Dannon: 'Frusion' Fruit-Yogurt Smoothie.
'Breakfast or Filling Snack.' Available to Mets Fans.

Dannon introduces "Frusion" yogurt smoothie-type beverage nationally. Refrigerated "fruit 'n' yogurt smoothie" initially available in C-stores, drug chains and club stores but not supermarkets. Distribution via Dannon's yogurt system, which is combination of refrigerated warehouse and DSD. Also sold at airport and educational foodservice locations.

Frusion fruit-yogurt smoothie from Dannon

'Not a yogurt drink.' Dannon executive says Frusion "competes against other smoothie products" like Snapple's Whippersnapple. Adds: "We don't call ourselves a yogurt drink ... it's not a drinkable yogurt, it's a smoothie." Marketed as "breakfast or filling snack" drink. Target: "aimed at everyone ... people who like yogurt and people who don't like yogurt."

Details. 1) three flavors: peach passion fruit; wild berries; banana berry. 2) packaged in 10-oz proprietary HDPE bottle. 3) refrigerated, not shelf-stable. 4) contains "real fruit, fruit pieces and fruit purees" plus yogurt, water, HFCS, corn starch and other ingredients. 5) 270 calories per bottle.

Ownership. Dannon yogurt owned by Group Danone which also owns Evian and Dannon bottled waters.

Get your ice-cold Frusion here. Frusion sold at NY Mets' Shea Stadium since June 15. Dannon executive says Mets games "provide good sampling opportunity." Product not sold at other sports venues.

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