Beverage Digest | February 8, 2002  

Something New and Something Blue:
Diet Pepsi About to Get New Look.
Plus New Ad Campaign.

New Diet Pepsi package, with light blue background Pepsi will modify package graphics on Diet Pepsi. New look scheduled to hit market mid-February. Revised graphics incorporate light blue background vs current white/ silver. Additionally, Diet Pepsi brand name will be arranged horizontally. Word "diet" in red sits atop "Pepsi" in blue; both are over Pepsi's trademark globe. Around bottom of globe are words: "Light, Crisp, Refreshing." Colors: "Light" and "Refreshing" in blue; "Crisp" in red. In current graphics, "diet Pepsi" logo arranged vertically. In 2001, Diet Pepsi had strong year. Was only top-10 brand to gain share in both IRI and ACNielsen take-home data (see story page 1).

Rationale. Pepsi North America senior vp marketing CSD Dave Burwick says, "we did a lot of consumer work (and) consumers describe Diet Pepsi as light, crisp and refreshing." Adds: "Consumers connect Pepsi to blue. That light shade of blue is a Pepsi equity. It connotes light, crisp and refreshing and fits Diet Pepsi well." Ad campaign. Pepsi will launch new Diet Pepsi ad campaign on Academy Awards broadcast March 24.

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