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July 23, 2015

In this issue:

  • BD's Next Conference Will Be Held December 14th in NYC. Dr Pepper Snapple CEO Larry Young on the Program.
  • PepsiCo Getting Ready to Launch New Diet Pepsi Without Aspartame. 'Soft Conversion.' NFL.
  • PepsiCo's 'Stubborn Soda' Spotted at Panera Bread Location in Florida. More Craft Products Likely Coming From PepsiCo.
  • Coke's 2nd Qtr Global Volume +2%. North America Up +2% With Monster; Up +1% Without. Sources: Company Mulls Diet Coke Version Without Aspartame. Push on Diet Coke With Splenda. Coke's Douglas Sees 'Good Growth' Potential in Craft.
  • Analyst Says Coke Femsa 'Interested in the U.S' If Re-Franchising 'Continues to Evolve Favorably.'
  • Non--Carbs at Retail 1st Half 2015: Most Categories Stronger Than Full-Year 2014. Aquafina and Smartwater Post Double-Digit Volume Growth.
  • Global CSD Market About 39 Bil Cases. U.S. Per Caps #2 Behind Mexico. U.S. Still Top Overall, Coke and Pepsi Market.
  • Germany CSD Market Was Down Slightly Last Year. Diets Out-Perform. Coke and PepsiCo Have 9 of the Top-10 Brands.
  • Plus, As In Every Issue: Territory Changes and Deals, People and Briefs.

Green Sheet supplements:

  • First Half 2015 Multi-Channel Take-Home Non-Carbs.Corporate and Brand-Level Data for Juice Drinks, Enhanced/Flavored Waters, Sports Drinks, Bottled Water and Ready-To-Drink Teas. Also Illustrates Growth Rates vs. a Year Ago.

  • 2014 All-Channel Carbonated Soft Drink Corporate Shares In 95 Countries.  Lists for each country: population; per capita consumption; Coca-Cola Co corporate share; PepsiCo corporate share; Dr Pepper Snapple corporate share.

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