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October 9, 2015

In this issue:

  • Register Now for BD’s Next Conference on December 14th in NYC. Latest Speaker to Join: PureCircle CEO Magomet Malsagov.
  • Pepsi Bottlers Meet in Orlando to Discuss 2016. Nooyi Addresses Gathering. Carey Optimistic About North America: Still Sees ‘So
  • Much Potential.’ Gen Z, Craft, Sierra Mist and Premium Water Top of Mind.
  • PepsiCo’s 3Q Volume Surprises as Non-Carbs Jump. CSD Decline Persists: Diets Fall -6.5%. Plus: Earnings Day Insights.
  • Dow Down -8.6%. PepsiCo -0.3%. Coke -5%. Keurig Down Sharply. Coke Consolidated Top Performer in 2015.
  • Cargill and Evolva Unveil Fermented Stevia Sweetener. New Product Branded EverSweet.
  • Keurig Launches Long-Anticipated Kold Machine. CEO Brian Kelley Aims to Reduce Price.
  • New Coke Bottler Territory Map Documents On-Going Re-Franchising of CCR.
  • Plus, As In Every Issue: Territory Changes and Deals, People and Briefs.

Green Sheet supplement:

  • Coca-Cola Bottler Territory Map.  Shows Coca-Cola U.S. bottler territories with state lines in color. Back lists multi- and single-franchise bottlers and their headquarters locations as well as locations of all U.S. Coke bottling plants and their owners.

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