Bottled Water Report 2018

(Published March 2018)

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Bottled water volume sales, including institutional and bulk products, surpassed carbonated soft drink sales last year. However, single-serve bottled water, while growing rapidly, vastly trails CSDs in dollars.
This report examines the main trends influencing the bottled water industry: 1) the evolution of premium products, 2) environmental challenges, and 3) the rise of related soda-alternatives within the category, namely sparkling water. These topics are relevant in today’s landscape and will be the basis for changes in the bottled water market for years to come.

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Soda Trends Report 2nd Edition

(Published January 2018)

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What is craft soda doing right…and why hasn’t it taken off?

Why are foodservice sales outpacing other channels?

Why has diet soda faltered and how can it return to growth?

Which diet soda strategy has helped sales bounce back? 

How have consumer attitudes toward sugar and other sweeteners changed?

Which sweetener is taking the soda spotlight?

Which drinking occasions offer the most potential for soda?
Increasing competition from “soda alternatives” and a growing antipathy toward sugar have led to 13 straight years of volume decline for carbonated soft drinks. However, soda value has grown during that time and the category remains an integral part of America’s beverage culture. This report reveals how companies have found strategies for success in this evolving category and where future growth opportunities are likely to exist. 

LEARN what trends are most affecting soda.

AVOID the strategies that no longer work in today's beverage market.

INVEST in the innovations that grow your dollars.

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Cocktail Mixers Report

(Published August 2017)

Get Profitable Insights from the Beverage Industry's Most Reliable Source.

The latest in a series of category reports from Beverage-Digest examines the quickly evolving cocktail mixer category to give executives an edge over the competition.

The Cocktail Mixer Report includes 2017 forecasted sales for both CSD and Juice Mixers including an in-depth look at the booming premium segment.

  • Examine how ginger beer sales have evolved since 2011
  • Find out which segments are outpacing their competitors
  • Gain insight into how premium products are changing consumer tastes

Contains never before seen analysis of this growing beverage category, including an in-depth look at:

  • All-channel data for both CSD and Juice Mixers, with 2011-2017 market sizes and forecasts
  • Historic and forecasted sales of HPP and pasteurized juice products
  • How ginger beer sales have performed against seltzers, tonics and ginger ales

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