Beverage-Digest Fact Book 
22nd Edition

Statistical Yearbook of Non-Alcoholic Beverages

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Published May 2017

The Beverage Industry’s Key Source for Data, Facts and Analysis.

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Beverage Digest’s Fact Book provides the data, facts and analysis focused executives need to battle in the fierce non-alcoholic packaged beverage marketplace.

This 22nd Edition of Fact Book is for industry executives, suppliers, analysts, investment bankers, equity investors and marketing executives who need a direct line of sight into the fast-paced and evolving beverage sector.

  • Find out which companies are gaining and losing.
  • Learn which brands and which categories are succeeding, and which aren’t.
  • Discover which products are growing and which are declining.

Contains data-rich charts, tables and analysis you will not find anywhere else. The Beverage Digest Fact Book provides comprehensive and detailed information on subjects including:

  • Updated market data for 2016
  • Thirty years of historic data
  • Performance and growth metrics
  • Total liquid refreshment beverage metrics
  • Per-capita consumption
  • Pricing
  • Beverage and calories analysis
  • Packaging, bottling and ingredients information

The Beverage Digest Fact Book is available for download in a searchable, digital and easy to read format.